U.S. Air Force Memorial Is Worth a Stop

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Things To Do With Kids in Washington DC

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The holiday haze lifted from my house this past week, and I'm trying my hardest to embrace 2014 right now. It's hard with it being sooo cold-- all I can think about is baseball games and cherry blossoms. I finally sat down to write my goals for the upcoming year, and like last year, I have a few ... Read More

The Air and Space Museum You Should Visit

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10 Things I Resolve to Do in DC 2013

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Wait! Before You Make Those Resolutions…..

By Callie Feyen

I didn't take a poll, but I'm guessing that if you made some resolutions this year, fitness and health had something to do with one of them.  At least, that's how it goes with me. I have always enjoyed exercising, but I admit it isn't always easy to get those gym clothes on and start a workout.... Read More