Cherry Blossoms

2014 Cherry Blossom Festival – Party with the Blossoms

By Brooke Barker

Spring is coming to DC - I think. Every time I get my hopes up, it snows. The daffodils start blooming, it snows. I'd say al... Read More

2013 Cherry Blossom Festival is Coming!

By Brooke Barker

Maybe I haven't lived here long enough to no longer enjoy it, but I still head to the Tidal ... Read More

Mark Your Calendar for the 2013 Cherry Blossom 10-Miler; Kickoff Event Nov. 16

By Brooke Barker

The Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-mile run is a tradition in our household. My husband usually competes in the 5K and for the past few years I've sucked it up and run the 10 miles. Sometimes you hit the cherry blossoms right at their peak and well, sometimes it's rainy and you can only focus on ... Read More