Gooey Caramel Popcorn: My Favorite Fall Treat

By Brooke Barker

We are smack dab in the middle of an Indian summer here in the DC area, and I still can't help dreaming of college football games, sweaters, Halloween costumes and pumpkin spice candles. My favorite season. By far. One of my favorite treats by far is caramel popcorn. Problem is, I can't seem to ... Read More

A Birth Story: 10 Days Early and an Appendix

By Brooke Barker

My mom may have been the best birth control her two daughters and son could have. She succeeded in making pregnancy and labor sound like the most painful and terrible things on the face of the Earth-- or at least the worst day ever. Every year on my birthday, my mom has recounted my birth story t... Read More

I Prefer Not to Answer That Right Now. I’m Still Carrying Around Some Holiday Weight.

By Callie Feyen

I don't think I eat very healthy during the holidays.  In addition, I don't think I try to avoid not eating healthy.  But I think about eating healthy. That's got to count for something, right? I was doing a little research on eating healthy during the holidays for this post, and there is a lot... Read More

Daphne: Obsession of Little Boys Everywhere

By Bethany Hardy

Over the past several weeks, I've been troubled and depressed about the rash of suicides of young people across the country linked to homophobic bullying.  But just when I'd given up on humanity, along comes a viral tidal wave of support for a Bible Belt mommy blogger's rant defending her cross-dre... Read More

The Five Best Kiddie TV Villains

By Bethany Hardy

I've been thinking a lot about villains lately.  Perhaps it's because K. is focused like a savant on military conflict, or maybe because he recently developed an appreciation for "good guys" versus "bad guys" and all that goes along with it. (Monday, on our way to the first day of a weeklong summer... Read More

Five Best Obscure YouTube Videos for Kids

By Bethany Hardy

Residents of the nation's capital are no strangers to hot and sticky summers. This year has been no different, with the humidity arriving even earlier than usual. Last week - and for many days last month - we saw temps in the 100s, which meant no one could do anything other than sit inside in the a... Read More

A Capital Fourth? No Thanks

By Bethany Hardy

Just like Times Square on New Years’ Eve, many people believe that Washington, DC is THE place to be on the Fourth of July.  As television programming through the ages shows us, that long stretch of land between the lawn of the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument, otherwise referred to as th... Read More

Husbands, for Better or for Worse

By Bethany Hardy

My husband surprised me the other day with a decorative door hanging.  Although the words "Joe" and "decorative door hanging" seem about as mismatched as "Heidi Montag" and "talented performer," this was not the most jaw-dropping aspect of the act.  That part came when he announced proudly, "I got... Read More

Best Summer Reading Sites for Kids

By Bethany Hardy

Here’s a secret: I loooove the library.  Especially during the summer, when I have more time to read for fun. I think it’s because the concept behind the library is so charmingly old school:  You want a book.  You borrow it.  You bring it back, and then you get to choose another.  And it... Read More

Write for us!

By Rachael Herrscher

We are looking for DC moms to blog about local topics they are passionate about. Sample local categories include: Arts Deals and Steals Education Entertainment Family Activities/Places to Go Food/Dining Green Living Health and Fitness Parenting Politics Recreation Style ... Read More