A small town girl making the big city home. She loves everything DC, and is slowly introducing her one-year-old to the world of Smithsonians, monuments, cherry blossoms and the DMV. A perfect day in town would include breakfast at Eastern Market (or Founding Farmers), checking out the National Gallery of Art, a burger and/or shake at Good Stuff or sandwich from Taylor Made, the two mile walk around the monuments, and cupcakes from Sprinkles (or Georgetown Cupcake if the line isn't forever long) to go.

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10 Things I Resolve to Do in DC 2013

I am loving seeing the district through this little girl's eyes. I resolve to show her more of it this year.

I am pretty good at making resolutions in the beginning of the year, and somewhat horrible at keeping them.

Lose 10 lbs is pretty much on the list every year. And even though I do usually lose the weight by the summer, come November and December, it all somehow finds its way back (sometimes plus more, depending on how indulgent I was over the holidays).

So I’ve decided that this year I’ve resolved to not resolve to lose that weight. I’m just going to lose it and keep it off.

But on the lighter side, here are a list of a few things I’ve resolved to do in the DC metro area in 2013.

Brooke’s 2013 DC Resolutions

  1. I will visit the Udvar-Hazy Center to see the space shuttle Discovery. I am somewhat embarassed to admit I am probably the only person living in the area who did not see (but did hear) it fly over.
  2. I will visit the National Cryptologic Museum and National Vigilance Park. I’ve been wanting to go for several years now, but always seem to forget its there until I’m passing it on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.
  3. I will have a picnic at Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac. I have probably passed this place hundreds of times while living here, and have never taken the time to just stop. Lady Bird Johnson is by far my favorite first lady (even though she followed perhaps the most-popular Jackie Kennedy). I collected quite a few of her stamps at the post office last month while mailing packages, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the wildflowers in the spring I see on the highway.
  4. I will go on a couple more walks from my favorite DC tour book, Washington on Foot. One of my favorite mornings in the city was when I took a solo walk through the DuPont neighborhood learning about each building along the way. I’m somewhat of a nerd like that.
  5. I will take my daughter to the newly opened National Children’s Museum in National Harbor. I know she’ll love it in her curious way.
  6. I will get over to the Library of Congress to visit their Young Readers Center. It’s been too long in the making, and I think I finally have my ducks in a row to be able to make it there in time (hallelujah for one nap instead of two!).
  7. I will visit one of the other farmer’s markets in the city. I’m a big fan of breakfast on a Saturday morning at Eastern Market, but I think I need to expand my horizons come spring or summer.
  8. I will eat at more new restaurants. I’m pretty much one of those people who when I’m near the capitol building craves a Good Stuff Eatery burger and shake. Again, I need to expand my horizons (and maybe slow my expanding waistline and choose places that don’t offer shakes, haha).
  9. I will shop local on a more regular basis. I love walking past all of the little boutiques in Georgetown, and go inside more (when I’m looking to buy). I really believe local gifts make the best gifts.
  10. I will actually visit the Air Force Memorial, instead of just driving by it for the millionth time.

I’ve found that the longer I live in this great area, the more I realize there is to do once you start looking. The museums and festivals on the mall, while wonderful, are really just scratching the surface of what lies within the metro area.

Here’s hoping for an adventurous new year!

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