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I Guess This Means No More Donuts

The first post is always so tough, don’t you think Momma Bloggers? I can’t just get into what I want to say. I have to tell you a little about myself. Maybe say something about my workout habits or eating habits since I’ll be blogging under the “Health and Fitness” subject.

OK, so I’ll start with food. I really enjoy food. There’s this bakery down the street from our home and the stuff that’s baked makes my mouth water just writing about it. Also, I know that if my girls and I go there in mid-afternoon when it’s quiet, we are bound to get something for free. (My daughters are extremely cute, and I use them to my advantage to get free donuts. I’ve tried to go without them, and have always had to fork over money for my indulgences.)

Close by, there is another establishment that has the best deli sandwiches and fries around. They’re the kind of fries that are crunchy and salty and perfectly potato-y all in one. And the sandwiches are the perfect bread-to-stuffing ratio. I hate a sandwich that has so much stuff crammed into it that the bread gets soggy. They don’t do that here. I’m a happy girl when I am eating one of these sammies.

You know what else I love? Lima beans. I adore them. Oh, and watermelon! When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I ate watermelon all day long. Once, as the juice was dribbling down my cheeks and arms, I said, “I don’t know how you could not believe in God after eating watermelon.” Actually, I think the same is true for lima beans.

You might conclude that the reason I workout is because I like to eat, but that’s not the reason I do it. I workout because I love the “thud thud thud” of the music I listen to. I sing along to the music during the classes I take, and sometimes I forget I’m not trying out to be a walk-on for “Glee.”

Once, during a spin class, at a particularly grueling climb, the instructor said, “I need you to feel the stress, and I need you to work through it.” What she said gave me the shivers. She wants me to feel stress? Why would I want to feel stress? Then I thought of my girls and how as much as I adore them, they stress me out. And there’s nothing that can be done about that except to work through it. Manage it. Get better at it. So I peddled a little harder, concentrated on my breathing, felt the sweat creeping down my face, and closed my eyes. I was going to feel the stress and sure enough, work through it.

So I workout because it’s something that I enjoy, but it is also something that helps me manage the beast of motherhood. And burning a few extra calories so I can enjoy a cake donut with sprinkles has its incentives, too.

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